Philip Stearns

Tumblr - 2High_Voltage_Image_MakingPhillip-Stearns01

Tumblr - 2High_Voltage_Image_MakingPhillip-Stearns05

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Tumblr - 2High_Voltage_Image_MakingPhillip-Stearns03

Tumblr - 2High_Voltage_Image_MakingPhillip-Stearns07

Tumblr - 2High_Voltage_Image_MakingPhillip-Stearns04

Phillip Stearns explains:

Without a camera, images were produced through a combination of processes which parallel techniques utilized in previous experiments with low-resolution digital cameras. Various household chemicals are applied to the surface of the film both before and after exposure. Through symbolic act of cleansing, the fidelity of the film is compromised. The film is also subjected to 15,000 volts of alternating current. In a flash, arcs spread out across the surface, sometimes burning holes, even igniting the film. As in our eyes, images are conveyed in a stream of such electric impulses, only here amplified some 300,000 times. I find it curious and exhilarating that the impressions left behind after developing these extreme exposures so perfectly resemble networks of blood vessels in the retina.


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