Nadav Kander photographs Sophie de Oliveira Barata’s clients

Photography - Nadav-kander_alternative-limb-project-8
Gemma Trotter

Sophie de Oliveira Barata creates beautiful artificial limbs. These photographs by Nadav Kander show some of her work.

Photography - Nadav-kander_alternative-limb-project-7
Viktoria Modesta

Photography - Nadav-kander_alternative-limb-project-ryan seary
Ryan Seary

Photography - Nadav-kander_alternative-limb-project pollyanna hope
Pollyanna Hope

Photography - Nadav-kander_alternative-limb-project-jojo cranfield
Jo-Jo Cranfield

Photography - Nadav-kander_alternative-limb-project-david wilkie
David Wilkie

Photography - Nadav-kander_alternative-limb-project-grace Mandeville
Grace Mandeville

Photography - Nadav-kander_sophie-de-oliveira-barata

Source: NY Times


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