Fractals in nature

Tumblr - Fractal in Egypt

Tumblr - Fractal in Spain

Tumblr - saudi-arabia-google-earth-fractals
Saudi Arabia

Tumblr - kuching-malaysia-google-earth-fractals

Tumblr - tsayta-canada-google-earth-fractals

Twisted Sifter:

Since October 2010, Paul Bourke has been documenting fractal patterns in nature as found on Google Earth. On his site, he has a comprehensive gallery of satellite imagery that shows these dazzling patterns along with the requisite links to the KMZ files. This allows users to see the locations for themselves on Google Earth.

See also:

Tumblr - 0cb88852-ee00-46cd-b3ff-e95aa29fc783

By Cristobal Serrano

Also: Water.Shapes.Earth




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