TedX Copenhagen 2012

Ole Qvist-Sørensen – Draw more, together

We must draw more together. We all know that a picture is worth a 1000 words. Pictures can convey complex information in a way, which is natural for our brains to grasp. Visual thinking is a gift we all have and drawing is an easy and simple way to show and involve others in understanding – or seeing – what we mean. Drawing together can be seen as a collective meaning-making process for a group. It is easy to learn. It is intuitive. It starts with pen, paper and curiosity.

Lars AP – The F***ing Friendly movement

In 2010 Lars AP wrote the book F***ing Flink (‘Flink’ is Danish for friendly). Since then, he has rallied together a constantly growing posse of friendly people, leading F***ing Flink forward to become a national movement hell-bent on nudging Danes to become friendlier – at home, at work, or at the busstop. As the movement continues to assert its social acupuncture, Lars AP’s goal is clear: That Danes – the world’s happiest people – one day also become the world’s friendliest.

Risenga Manghezi – Sharing your freedom

The freetown of Christiania saw the light of day in 1971 and has since been embroiled in controversy due to their alternative views on how society should be run.

Lately Christiania has been forced to think creatively in order to move forward while staying true to its purpose of challenging conventions and changing the world. This process comes down to choosing between introvert self-sufficiency and sharing the sanctuary with people from all over the world.

Claus Meyer – Unfolding the potential of indigenous food cultures

Co-founder of noma – the world’s best restaurant 3 years running – Claus Meyer has for more than 20 years challenged conventional thinking in agriculture, food production and cooking. He has inspired a generation to rediscover local Nordic produce through cookbooks, TV shows, lectures and food debates.

Claus Meyer reveals how he actively searches for territories and challenges where there is a basis for creating a movement, which will bring about changes of avalanche proportions.


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