Costa Concordia – how people died

The listing of the ship was a killer; people started falling, break legs and then drowned. Even one of the crew who helped many people to safety, eventually broke his leg and was lucky to be found 36 hours later.

This video of a ship in a storm shows how easily people can injure themselves.

G-Captain claims that one of the gravest errors by Schettino was to drive the boat to the coast on its side, which caused it to list. Since he was unable to turn the ship, it would have been better to anchor it near the coast.

And this witness account by one of the guys who did most to rescue people, tells how people became trapped when they tried to go from the high side (where it was difficult to reach a boat) to the low side and then suddenly the ship listed more.

Here is the route that brought the ship to the rocks:

Reconstruction of the Costa Concordia Tragedy, Narration by John Konrad from on Vimeo.


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